What do we understand by social transition? What kind of world do we want to live in in the future? What role do we think the school can play in this change? What do we think is a priority to change? These were some of the questions that were addressed yesterday at the UNIR debate at TBS in Barcelona, an internal debate without a speaker to rethink the school and its role in the future.

“We are here to discuss how we will live better together and not to stay in the communicative act of telling the world how well we do,” explained Wafa Khlif to start the debate. “Let’s put together these possibilities of transiting and moving in an ecological and solidary way but within the school”, she continued. She then invited the attendees to participate, give their opinion and make suggestions.

They insisted that ‘transiting’ should not remain a slogan. Among the proposals, they highlighted the need to place more emphasis on social responsibility and to reformulate the programs so that students become more aware. There was also talk of strengthening relations with external institutions that are committed to corporate social responsibility.

The possibility of promoting the entry of very bright people who cannot afford the tuition, or facilitating the entry to the school of people with special abilities, was discussed. On the other hand, there was a debate on how to help the school’s students with more difficulties to pass the subjects and to offer even more personalized support to those students who are not emotionally well.

Linked to this point, the importance of maintaining the proximity and warmth – so characteristic of TBS in Barcelona – was also discussed, taking into account the change of campus, much larger than the current ones. Participants in the discussion gave ideas for activities that could foster cohesion between students and employees. Another issue that was debated was whether to keep teleworking some days, as it facilitates conciliation and productivity, or to promote the return to face-to-face work, which promotes more the human side of the school.

The many faces of corporate social responsibility

After touching on all these topics, it was discussed how, when talking about corporate social responsibility, only the ecological or ‘green’ side of it is emphasized, without taking into account – as has become clear from all the points made in the debate – that it is a much broader spectrum. Despite this, the sustainable changes carried out by the school were also discussed, as well as how to continue implementing actions in this direction.

To close the debate, Wafa Khlif reminded the audience that the transition does not end here, but is a movement that the school must constantly continue to make.

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