On April 23 is celebrated in Catalonia the Diada de Sant Jordi, in Aragón San Jorge, and the day of the book worldwide. Every year, the streets of Barcelona are filled with book and rose stalls, writers meet their readers and sign their works, there are concerts all over the city and activities for the little ones. Last year, we had to celebrate it at home due to confinement, which is why this 2021 festival takes on special importance. To celebrate that this year we can go out for a walk and visit the bookstores, we bring you our recommendations of books on management, tourism, finance and marketing, all of them available in our catalog and recommended especially for students.

Tourism, transport and travel management – M. R. Dileep

This Dileep book is designed for students and provides essential knowledge on the relationship between travel, transport, and tourism. “Tourism, transport and travel management” provides students with essential knowledge on the relationship between travel, transport, and tourism. It analyzes the structure, functions, activities, and practices of each of the sectors that are part of the travel industry. It does so through international case studies, which show the practical realities and challenges of the travel industry.

Handbook of human resource management in the tourism and hospitality industries – Burke, Ronald J.

This handbook by Ronald J. Burke reviews the major human resource challenges facing the hospitality and tourism sector. This sector is increasingly contributing to global GDP and, as we have already seen in the aftermath of the pandemic, is a key source of employment for developing regions. In the book, leading specialists analyze how companies in the sector succeed through high standards of service. It also examines human resource problems, through employee focus groups, interviews, and surveys, and offers recommendations for solutions.

Global Strategic Management – Peng, Mike W.

In this book on international strategy, Mike Peng offers an innovative perspective. The author expands the definition of “global strategy” and gives clear and coherent explanations of the research. Peng also attempts to answer the question “What determines the success or failure of companies around the world?” through the “strategy tripod,” analyzing strategy from the point of view of industry, institution, and resources.

Management in the era of Big Data – Paliszkiewicz, Joanna

This book by Joanna Paliszkiewicz discusses the key challenges presented by Big Data for both practitioners and academics. It explains how companies can leverage Big Data analytics to improve business. It provides insight into the current state of Big Data, including a comprehensive overview of both research and practical applications.

Social marketing – Lee, Nancy R.

This book presents a 10-step social marketing strategic planning model and guides students and practitioners through each step of the process. This is the sixth edition, with more than 25 new cases and dozens of examples relating to very current social problems, such as climate change, the opioid epidemic, or youth suicide.

Guide to financial management – Tennent, John

John Tennent’s ‘Guide to financial management’ provides a practical guide to understanding and managing financial responsibilities. He discusses in each chapter the tasks that managers must perform, from budgeting to reading variances from a report, to developing proposals for investing in new equipment. The book is a guide to financial management that aims to help readers become familiar with financial jargon, understand financial statements, management accounts, performance measures, budgeting, pricing… It also includes examples from 100 leading companies from around the world.

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