Advertising never goes on vacation! In summer we all disconnect, but many brands take advantage of this moment to refresh their image, be more creative and offer us their best version. This time of year is the ideal time to connect with customers (more receptive and with more free time) and to increase sales.

More disruptive, original and creative messages.

Summer advertising seeks, above all, to excite and create memories. Unique moments that remain in everyone’s memory, that surprise us and that we hope to repeat summer after summer. If we talk about summer ads, there are some success recipes to consider:

  • Show the best moments of the holidays.
  • Create an original song that can become the “song of the summer”.
  • Use your sense of humor. Always works.
  • Find a celebrity to help make the brand memorable.
  • Involve customers in campaigns.

In this last point is where advertising creativity goes far beyond the spots. We must emphasize that good weather invites us to perform more outdoor actions. That is, take the brand out of its comfort zone and go out to the street to reach our audience more directly. Many brands retain customers with street marketing that consists of direct marketing campaigns carried out on beaches, large spaces, streets or shopping centers, the objective of which is to become the center of attention and to be remembered.

Top 5 Street Marketing in Summer

Turn up the volume and get ready, because we are going to review some of the most recent successful Street Marketing campaigns:

“SPRITE SHOWER” from the agency Ogilvy Brazil

Imagine you are on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Do you want to refresh yourself? The agency Ogilvy won a Lion in Cannes and marked one of the most original beach street marketing in 2012, placing a giant Sprite dispensing machine converted into a refreshing shower.

McFLURRY (McDONALDS) from the agency TBWA / NEBOKO

It happens every summer: you wait for the bus while watching drooling a graphic ad of a delicious ice cream. In Amsterdam, they decided to place more than 100 McFlurrys of McDonalds in a mupi of the street that opened when they reached the temperature of 38.5ºC.

“NIVEA DOLL” of the agency FCB Brazil

The vast majority of boys and girls find it hard to sit still and put sunscreen on the beach. In 2015, Nivea launched the great idea of ​​accompanying sunscreen with a doll that reddened its skin when exposed to the sun’s UV rays without protection. A fundamental message that helped create awareness among the little ones.

MOLSON CANADIAN from the agency Rethink Canada

Welcome to Canada. One of the most interesting street marketing actions recently seen and that sends a very powerful, multicultural and global message. Place a fridge (full of cold beers) in the middle of a very central street and that only opens if pronounced “I am a Canadian” in 6 different languages. The company Molson Canadian together with Google technology got this wonder from the agency Rethink.

CONTREX – “Vivez l’expérience” from the agency Marcel

This is the case of a very careful Street Marketing that became a spot. The mineral water brand Contrex shows us the most fun way to lose calories. The peculiarity was that to start the magnificent 3D Mapping projection in a historic building in Paris, people were required to interact with the action: to pedal in front of it.

Author: Joan Margarit, Marketing and Communication Analyst

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