TBS is the most represented school among the 120 French Tech companies in IoT (Internet of Things) this 2021. It tops the ranking whether we consider the absolute presence or the relative presence of schools within companies. Specifically, there are two companies on the list that monopolize a large number of our students, Sigfox and Kinéis, which concentrate 15 TBS students and alumni. The ranking has been published on Up2School, the reference platform in France for educational orientation towards business, engineering, and science.

French Tech 120

The FT120 (French Tech 120) is a label that the French government dedicates to growing start-ups that could have a global development. Each year, 120 French companies are selected to be part of the project. The objective of FT120 is to support these companies to become world-class technology leaders, at the administrative, financial, and payroll levels.

Internet of Things

IoT stands for Internet of Things and refers to a sector that encompasses companies that develop connected products. Unlike other FT120 sectors, this one has benefited greatly from the trends of recent years, as most of the digital giants have invested in it.

This year, there are four companies from this sector in the ranking – Aledia, Withings, Sigfox, and Kinéis. Kinéis had one of the largest fundraisings of 2020, about €100 million. It is a French nano-satellite constellation project that aims to offer IoT services via satellite. Together with Sigfox, they are the companies grouping the most TBS students on the list.

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French tech 2021

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