A project formulated by students who took Digital Transformation in 2018 is transforming the city of Sabadell. Entitled “Sabadell: Economic Development through Health & Sport”, the students offered their services to the city as consultants in collaboration with Everis. The project consisted of making a series of proposals to boost the city’s economic development through sport and health. They also aimed to make Sabadell a growing city in parallel to Barcelona. The city council is now implementing the students’ proposals.

Among their methodology, the students proposed the organization of a Hackathon for different local actors to work together to solve everyday problems with creativity. They also recommended the creation of a municipal council of young people and made proposals to get older people more active.

TBS team

SBD Esport Hub

SBD Esport Hub is the project that the City Council is carrying out to promote the sports sector as an economic and innovation vector. Besides, SBD Esport Hub also aims to become a stable network of relevant actors in the city, bringing together business, administration, university, and citizens to join forces.

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