TBS Education in Barcelona ended the month of September with the last edition of its forum for Citizen Service, which is a compulsory model of the Bachelor program based in social work. 9 NGOs reunited yesterday in Trafalgar Campus so they could present their projects to the first year students that gathered there. 

Among the names of the NGO’s we could find Caritas, CatNova, Fundació Roure, Ohlala Festival, Ajuntament d’Esplugues de Llobregat, Amics de la gent Gran, Asociación Gabella, Comunidad San Egidio and Acció Planetaria. All of them presented their values, objectives and programs to invited the students to become a part of their programs. 

The aim of TBS Citizen Service is to bring the student to the reality in today’s society, and also show how these kind of association are a vital element in the society’s net.

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