“I’m excited about the third year of my Bachelor in Management degree course at TBS in Barcelona, because I am beginning the specialisation in Entrepreneurship with Pascal Bourbon, and I hope to be able to combine my studies with my business very well.” That is how the student Mehmet Karakus shows how sure and confident he is about the year in front of him. But what is so special about this Turkish student, born in Germany? Perhaps the fact that his name is already well known in TBS circles because he led the ‘Yelo’ startup project, though it did not come to fruition in the end. At 21, and with limitless energy, Mehmet has decided to start again from scratch, and to found a new business: ‘Freshy’. For him, the outlook seems to be better than excellent, because he has been chosen as the guest at Web Summit 2019, a prestigious event that will take place in November in Lisbon, where he will have the opportunity to introduce himself to 70,000 people.s.

Obviously, Karakus has numerous roles in his project: “At the moment I’m doing almost everything, from marketing to human resources and finance. But I do have some tasks that I have outsourced, such as design and technological development”, he explains.

But what’s ‘Freshy’? It is currently the only on-line food shop in Spain that is continuing with the concept known as ‘zero waste’. At Freshy, therefore, they are trying to solve the problem of recycling in Barcelona and in Spain, because, as a subscription shop, the business helps the environment by not wasting anything from what is consumed. How is that possible? By using the same receptacles over and over again. This, together with the saving of users’ time when shopping, makes Freshy an interesting option for the market.

So that his startup business succeeds, making it known is one of Mehmet’s priorities. To do that, he actively manages its profiles in Facebook, Instagram and even on TikTok,  and he also makes use of Google Ads and ads on the Eco-friendly Search Engine called Ecosia. Within Freshy’s ‘eco’ sector he also ensures that the company is very prominent in Facebook groups concerned with the elimination of plastics and with zero waste.

Mehmet also has some words of praise for the team at TBS Education in Barcelona that accompanied him throughout this project. Among others, he mentions Sébastien Bauer for his tutorials, Valérie Picard and Delphine Arnau for being always available when there was a doubt or a problem, and Pascal Bourbon himself, whom he mentioned at the beginning of this article, for “always asking the most difficult questions, which made us realize that we are not so intelligent after all, and that we need to work harder to make Freshy a success worldwide”.

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