Each year, TBS celebrates Jobs Day, a day that brings alumni and professionals together with the school’s students on the Barcelona campus. These professionals explain their careers and experiences to students, give them advice, and help them choose their path and prepare for their future. This year, because of Covid-19, TBS has reinvented itself to celebrate a different Jobs Day, which has become an online information session of more than 3 hours.

TBS in Barcelona celebrates Jobs Day in online format

Whereas during other years professionals were divided into groups, and students chose the one they were most interested in, this time, each company ambassador prepared a presentation, which followed one another throughout the afternoon. Thus, all the students had the opportunity to learn about very diverse professional opportunities. Most of them were TBS alumni, but representatives from companies that collaborate with the school were also present. The students were able to meet representatives of brands such as SAP, PSA Groupe, PWC, Calvin Klein Fragrances, or Oh My Cream. Delphine Arnau, head of Career Services and Business Relations at TBS in Barcelona, introduced the session and introduced the participants.

For ten minutes, each of them explained their professional career, their day-to-day work, what their obligations are in the companies where they work, and the skills needed to carry them out. At the end of each presentation, a round of questions was opened to answer the students’ doubts.

To access the career opportunities offered by TBS, learn about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or our MSc programs.


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