Among the companies that usually collaborate with TBS in Barcelona, either with internships or specific events, we count in our list SAP, a business software company founded in 1972 and leader in its sector. For example, for the 2020 Job Day, they sent ambassadors on its behalf. The company has offices in Barcelona, often referred to as a start-up within SAP, and whose core business is sales/business development.

As for their relationship with TBS, they have several alumni of the school, all of whom are very involved in the company. That’s why they look for potential among the students, “Our TBS alumni at SAP are often open-minded, purpose-driven, passionate, and eager to work as a team,” says Tina Alsted Grejsen, Head of Network & Community at SAP.

From TBS in Barcelona to SAP

SAP offers cloud-based ERP solutions, powered by technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data, which have a significant impact on the businesses they work for. From cancer treatment to flood prevention, they help all types of enterprises and invest in research across all industries. “We work with any company that wants to be the best version of itself,” explains Tina Alsted.

With technology as a base and foundation, they advise all types of companies on strategic decision-making and share with them the trends of the markets in which they operate. “More than just a regular software provider, we act as trusted strategic advisors.”

Social Commitment

What distinguishes them from other companies, according to Tina Alsted Grejsen, “is our people and our ability to care for and build trust with our stakeholders (employees, partners, customers, shareholders, etc.).” In the Barcelona office alone, they have an entire team of six people dedicated to focusing on and improving the employee experience.

Every year, they celebrate the SAP Olympic Games

Besides, they are characterized by their social sensitivity, according to Dow Jones, their sustainability numbers are leaders in the industry. Also in the area of corporate social responsibility, SAP works primarily with customers for whom CSR and sustainability are as important as for them. The company has a Sustainability Director globally, and locally in the Barcelona offices, they have a Sustainability Network, which has already made many changes. For example, with the global implementation of zero plastics, all plastic elements are replaced by glass/another more sustainable material.

SAP’s Digital Hub in Barcelona

Where do TBS students who are doing their internships or first steps into the professional world come when they land at SAP? A dynamic office with an international and diverse workforce, making it a lively, multicultural place to work. Discover SAP from the inside in their virtual tour.

Experience Room at SAP Digital Hub in Barcelona

“The only mistake you can make is not to make mistakes. That’s why, for entry-level positions, the SAP Digital Hub is a safe place to start your career with room to develop and make mistakes, to be creative and innovative, and to have a solid career and development path from the entry-level.

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Entrance SAP

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