Workshops, conferences, and business meetings during a global and 100% digital event. This is how full the schedule for October 11-24 is presented for TBS Global Week 2021.

The event, now in its second edition, is organized by the Co-Creation Lab, founded by Julien Condamines (TBS 2006), with the support of TBS Alumni, the TBS Foundation, and TBS Education. This year’s theme is “Impossible is not a fact; it is an opinion.” TBS Global Week was born in 2020 out of the need to adapt to a planetary impact that no one had seen coming. Because despite the distance, cultural differences, and the diversity of professions, the TBS network is always alive.

TBS Global Week 2021 Agenda

The 2021 edition, open to the general public, will revolve around four themes:

• Mobility and Aero

• Entrepreneurship and technology

• Artificial intelligence and Big Data

• Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Like last year, TBS Global Week will unveil the history of alumni with unique backgrounds. Now, they are already charismatic leaders, founders, innovators, and key contributors to renewed sustainability. In this 100% online event, they will be invited to speak about their experience during a series of thematic conferences. And new concepts will be explored to connect the community and strengthen the alumni network.

Pimp My Profile & Network like a Boss (1-8 October)

Talent Fair (October 13th)

Startup Demo Day (October 20th)

Conferences (October 22-24)

Registration is now open to the public!

You will find all the information about the event at:

TBS Global Week 2021

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