TBS Education has been awarded by the AMBA association in terms of pedagogical innovation, winning the “Best Innovation Strategy” category prize of the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022-2023.

Guilain Praseuth and Dorothée Thibaut attended this event in order to represent TBS Education and get the trophy. However, winning this award has been a collective challenge for everyone in TBS Education, including teachers, professionals and all the staff, reaching one of our main goals: developing our innovative project in education, specifically in the business and management fields.

What it means to win AMBA & BGA Innovation Award

We are pleased to have a recognition that proofs that we are in the international scene among some of the best universities and management schools in the world. We are definitely looking forward to setting this award as an example to consolidate our future innovation projects.

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Dorothée Thibaut attended this event

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