Master students carry out on this week the Business Game, a business simulation exercise in which they have to compete with each other in groups of 6 people, each group representing a different company involved in the production of glass products.

With this Business Game simulation, the equivalence of eight years of business activity will be condensed on the three days of the game, so students can see the short, medium and long-term effects of their decisions.

The essence of a business simulation is that students assume in a self-directed manner a roll in the organization (finance, marketing, sales, production…) and learn the interdependence of each roll and the effect of cross-functional decisions.

Each group of students must define a core strategy for their company and be coherent with it in a dynamic environment. In each of the six decision-making periods, they will introduce the decisions taken and the algorithm of a computer programme will produce a result for each company.

The evaluation will be based on the market performance of the organization, as they play in competition with each other, as well as on the team dynamics and the board of directors’ final presentation.

They will have to work with two different kind of products: sustainable glass, an unknown market with no specific niche; and a non-sustainable glass, a established marked but slightly in decline.

Bachelor in Management students will also carry from today until the end of the week another Business Game of similar characteristics. May the best team win!

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