Eurofound has recently published their 2017 yearbook, “Living and working in Europe”.

It focuses on the latest developments in the work and lives of the people of Europe, describing trends and transitions in the areas of labour market change, industrial relations, working conditions and sustainable work, quality of life and public services, the digital age, and convergence in the European Union.

As economies recover, Eurofound reported on the positive trends in employment, with rising numbers in work and a continued expansion of employment in good jobs. It also provided an updated account of quality of life in Europe post-crisis, showing that on many dimensions Europeans are doing as well as before the crisis, if not better. Challenges remain, nevertheless: labour markets are beset by long-term unemployment, underemployment and high levels of inactivity; quality of life in many dimensions is poor within certain population groups, and disparities between countries are sometimes stark. This work provides a reservoir of knowledge to inform policymakers at EU and national levels in addressing such challenges.

The yearbook is accompanied by the Consolidated annual activity report of the Authorising Officer for 2017, which is the Eurofound formal reporting on operations, staff and budgets.

You can read and download the report here.


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