Gathered around the week of 16 to 22 October 2023, the French Tech ecosystem has organized 200 events across France and worldwide to celebrate 10 years of French Tech. One of them took place yesterday in the TBS Education – Barcelona campus. In collaboration with L’Epitech and IDEM, our school welcomed the members of this dynamic and attractive ecosystem.

La french tech Barcelona 2023 took place in the TBS Education-Barcelona Campus

About French Tech Barcelona

French Tech was created in 2013 with a specific aim: to support and promote the French start-up ecosystem. In 2023, the main objectives of the celebration were the following:

  • Celebrating the successes of the French Tech ecosystem over the last 10 years
  • Setting the course for France and tech over the next 10 years
  • Introducing French Tech to new audiences, especially young people
  • Opening up the tech ecosystem to everyone and showcasing the diversity of its professions

The evening started yesterday with Keynote speakers such as Zakaria Mansour (Bsport solution), Benoit Menardo (Payflow (YC S21, Benoît Fabre (Papernest), Teddy Pellerin (Heetch) or Alexis D. (Tool4staffing) sharing their entrepreneurial journeys, insights, and the impact of French Tech on the global tech landscape.

After that, all the attendants had the opportunity to network and connect with representatives from the mentioned companies. The event wasn’t over then, because after that everyone enjoyed a Student Night with music and fun with their fellow friends and colleagues.

An image of the french tech event took place yesterday ar TBS Education
10th year event La French Tech Barcelona I TBS education

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