The largest ever survey of 15-29 year olds has been revealed by Youth Talks. Driven by Higher Education for Good Fundation and supported by TBS Education, it reveals the expectations of younger generations.

Peace, Environment and Education

This survey , encompassing 45,000 respondents from 212 countries, sheds light on the primary concerns of individuals aged 15 to 29.

Among the issues at the forefront of their minds are peace, environmental conservation, and education. It is evident that the younger generation seeks an evolution in educational methodologies while upholding traditional core subjects.

Youth Talks underscores the significance young people attribute to comprehension, discourse, and the prioritization of values within education. They extend an invitation to educators to reimagine teaching approaches, aiming for a more harmonious existence and interaction.

Traditional disciplines remain important, but young people prioritize personal values ​​(45%) and practical skills. China, however, remains an exception.

These findings thus encourage us to reassess the educational landscape, aligning it with the demands of the 21st century and the aspirations of the younger cohorts, all while preserving the essential aspects of effective training.

“ The Youth Talks constitute an innovative global dialogue that connects the aspirations of young people to tangible societal transformation ,” explains Marine Hadengue, doctor of philosophy and director of Youth Talks.

TBS Education & Educational Innovation

TBS Education understood these thoughts. For several years, the school has been building a differentiated and evolving pedagogy like the managers it trains: reflective, collaborative, enterprising and memorable.

To consistently revamp its educational methods and foster innovation, TBS Education actively engages in multiple partnerships. Notably, the school has established collaborations with EdTech France, the Learning Lab Network, and the Babson Collaborative.

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