The new issue of Esencial magazine is now available, a magazine with all the latest news from the TBS Barcelona campus in Spanish and English. Esencial #46 contains reports, book recommendations, and articles about the events that have taken place on campus in recent months.

Gabriel Zúñiga, director of studies at TBS, signs the Editorial that opens Esencial #46. Zúñiga focuses his speech on the importance of ‘active listening’ and how this has become one of the most valued competencies in managers. The professor emphasizes that something as basic as listening is becoming increasingly difficult in a world of growing distractions. Finally, he gives an example of active listening: the TBS projects presented in Esencial, which provide creative ideas to real problems.

One of the most outstanding TBS projects in recent weeks has been the Virtual Fly-in 360º Experience, with which the school is leaping into virtual reality. Esencial highlights the operation and objectives of this virtual experience.

As for the highlights of this issue, we find the final of the Babson Collaborative Global Student Challenge, a final with TBS in Barcelona representation in charge of the Sportsfluent project. We also highlight the launch of the BCNit report and the Chapter Alumni event on the circular economy. You will also have the opportunity to hear the story of Karisma Poudel from the admissions department.

An example of how TBS’s practical pedagogy works is the Covadonga Urban project, in which Digital Transformation students from the 2019-2020 academic year participated. Esencial explains that the project aims to integrate the Covadonga neighborhood of Sabadell into the city as a whole and needs digital solutions. Our students’ ideas are now being put into practice.

Another of TBS’s recent projects is “At the Forefront of Management Research,” a series of informative capsules in which the school’s professors present their research areas and topics.

In the reading section, you will find four literary recommendations focused on the topic of Blockchain technology. Finally, you will find the Barcelona blog section, with an excerpt of an article from our website, “Barcelona among the 25 most competitive cities in Europe”.

If you also want to be part of TBS in Barcelona, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or one of our MSc programs.

esencial 46

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