Choosing what to study and where to study can be very complicated. At TBS we are very confident about the quality and added value of our Bachelor in Management. For this reason, today we bring you 10 reasons to choose the TBS Bachelor in Management, which can help you make your decision.

Reasons to choose TBS Bachelor in Managment

1. 1 Bachelor, 4 cities


Our Bachelor in Management not only offers you the possibility to study in Barcelona, but you can also choose between our campuses in Toulouse and Casablanca, as well as a fourth destination city among more than 100 universities in 39 different countries. So, instead of spending three years in one place, you can internationalize your Bachelor’s and study for your degree in four different countries.

2. Annual internships

Finishing college and going out into the job market without experience is risky. Although it is necessary to finish your studies with knowledge, it is equally necessary to know how to apply it. For this reason, and to ensure that our students finish their studies prepared for the professional world, internships in companies are one of the most important pillars at TBS Education. So much so, that every year our students carry out mandatory internships. In this way, we ensure that they finish with up to 12 months of work experience before graduating.

3. Cultural Diversity

Barcelona is a multicultural and diverse city, a meeting point for people from all over the world. Moreover, if there is one thing that stands out for all our students, it is the international character of the school. Our TBS Education campus in Barcelona welcomes students from 45 different nationalities. Thus, our students can enjoy the international experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Barcelona is a multicultural city and our students enjoy this international atmosphere

4. 14 specialization tracks

The TBS Bachelor in Management has 14 different tracks in the third year. Each track offers the opportunity to specialize in a particular industry. In this way, students can focus their careers on the area that interests them most and delve much deeper into it. In the case of TBS Education in Barcelona Campus, the itineraries taught are Digital and Social Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Luxury Management, and Digital Marketing.

BCN Campus 22 TBS Education

5. Three languages: English, French and Spanish

TBS Education will not only equip you with management skills, but it is also a good place to learn languages. The school offers classes in English, French, and Spanish. As for TBS Education in Barcelona campus, it offers the opportunity to study the first year of the Bachelor in Management in English or Spanish. In addition to learning languages in class, as we have already mentioned, TBS has a multicultural environment. There is no better way to learn languages than to make international friends.

6. Career Services

TBS Education offers personalized assistance to all its students. The school has a Career Services department that handles relations with companies and advises students on how to find their career paths.

7. Job placement data

The reputation of TBS Education and its students is the key to the excellent job placement data of our students. Companies trust TBS Education and look for talent at the school so that six months after graduation, 95% of our students have already found jobs.

8. Citizen Service

citizen services at tbs education Barcelona Campus

The development of our student’s social awareness and values is also key to TBS Education. Our Bachelor in Management includes a module called Citizen Service, which consists of volunteering in an educational, cultural, social, or environmental organization. In total, it consists of 50 hours of work, although many of the students continue to be involved with these organizations after they have finished the mandatory hours. A good example of Citizen Service is the Waste-Free Project initiative, launched this year by our students, who have organized themselves to clean up the beaches of Barcelona.

9. Triple accreditation

TBS Education is also highly recognized at the academic level. In fact, the school obtained triple accreditation: EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB.

Only 1% of business schools worldwide have these three accreditations. The three seals represent a guarantee of quality for our students.

10. New campus

In September 2022 TBS Education in Barcelona opened new facilities. The new campus it is located in the technological district of Barcelona, the 22@. The campus have more than 8,000 m2.

TBS Education - Barcelona campus

Come study at TBS in Barcelona, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or any of our MSc programs.

TBS Education - Barcelona campus

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