Business-to-business management expert, global product manager in large multinationals such as BASF and AKZO NOBEL, associate professor of strategy and corporate finance and, of course, program manager of the MSc Marketing Management at TBS Education – Barcelona. Dr. Albert Vahlhaus is the person behind the Account-Based Marketing Track.

Dr. Albert Vahlhaus our program manager of MSc Marketing Management at TBS Education - Barcelona

Over the past ten years, Dr. Vahlhaus has consulted SMEs in special situations across various industries to identify & implement growth strategies and has navigated them through complex end-to-end M&A transactions.

We have read a lot over the years about Account-Based Marketing (ABM). However, are we now in a moment of transition?

We have been in VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) for the past 6-10 years that exponentially evolve.  Everything is in a moment of transition.  That is why the learning objectives of the ABM track are to develop managerial agility, cross-functional understanding, and scoping abilities.

What will be next in this field?

Strategic alliances along and across the value chain will become pivotal for industries and entire sectors to stay competitive, thus being able to attract investors.  Hence, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is about designing and communicating 360º solutions that go much beyond offering a specific product or service.

What qualities should the student who chooses this track have?

Curiosity, passion, and empathy.  In the end, we are in the people business.  Over 1/3rd of the variance in manager performance is explained by their interpersonal skills. The definition of management in organizational behavior is getting things done through people. That is no different in ABM.

Is it then a 360º profile? What kind of professional can come out of this track?

Yes, to a certain extend we are talking about an all-rounder profile.  Most students will work in Key-Account or Product Management.  Though having a different focus, both jobs require to wear several hats at the same time and dealing with audiences that have conflicting interests.  It is very enriching but also profoundly challenging.

In addition to the usual teaching units, what extra features complete the track?

A one-week Business Simulation, a three-week Consulting Project, and the fact that over 90% of the modules are delivered by academically qualified practitioners.   

What advice would you give to students who choose this track?

It is a very small group of students.  Ergo, the sessions are not lectures.  They are management meetings in which every member is expected to be productive.  I.e., there is no way to hide behind the crowd and that is not everybody’s cup of tea. 

Why choose TBS Education – Barcelona to study Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

TBS Education, because it’s an amazing school. Barcelona, because it is a vibrating place.  ABM, because over 50% of the GDP in developed nations is based on B2B (Business to Business) transactions.  The chances that Marketing professionals will work in the B2B field (i.e., in ABM) are rather high.  Therefore, it might give you a competitive edge to develop expertise in ABM in your Master program.    

Do you want to study the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) track at TBS Education – Barcelona? Contact and ask all your doubts about the process.

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