Our new campus has multiple advanced technologies implemented to maximize the teaching and learning experience, especially after the pandemic, as traditional methods and models had to be reformulated and adapted to the circumstances of the moment.

Our school has been adapting to the increasing changes in an academic transition that advocates technology as one of the fundamental means to teach and learn. All in all, we have had the pleasure of having ASEM-Solutions involved in our school, which is a company that offers video collaboration solutions and services in order to improve interaction and access in online learning, as well as online meetings.

Therefore, ASEM-Solutions has made it easier for the development of flexible classrooms with three modalities at the new TBS Education-Barcelona campus:

  • Onsite classrooms
  • Hybrid classrooms
  • Remote classrooms

The purposes of this project are to make online and onsite participation in classrooms more flexible, since it allows specific interventions by external professionals, as well as to accommodate usability for teachers without a high level of knowledge in technology, as Albert Añaños, Country Manager of ASEM-Solutions, points out.

Undoubtedly, in this first academic year in the new campus, the video collaboration classrooms have ended up in a success for both students and professors, as well as the events hosted, highlighting the Aula Magna, where a large number of events have been taking place.

Learn more about the campus and facilities here:

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