Christian Tavaglione studied the MSc Marketing Management at TBS in Barcelona after graduating from his Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of Bologna. Christian came to Barcelona looking for an international experience that would help him to specialize in what interested him the most: marketing. After working for Oracle in Dublin, he is now an online account executive in the company Zoom. We talked to him about his experience at TBS, in Barcelona, and the professional world.

Why did you choose TBS?

I have graduated and got my bachelor’s degree around October 2016. I had studied business administration for 3 years so I developed a general knowledge about how companies were running processes internally and externally and regulations to balance them. I wanted to specialize more in the field that I found the most creative and attractive for me which was marketing.

At the same time, I was looking for an international experience. I found TBS very attractive for the MSc Marketing Management offered which was the primary goal and for the location (Barcelona, where I had never been before). I thought it was a perfect occasion to go living in Spain where I could improve my Spanish (I studied it for 5 years during high school). Another important criterion for me was the prestige of the university: TBS was very good ranked at the European level. I had other options in my pipeline but I picked TBS because it matched all my criteria. 

Christian Tavaglione image in TBS Education
Christian Tavaglione during his graduation

 Why did you choose the marketing program after studying Business Administration? How did it complement your studies?

I have always been fascinated by creativity and I felt like marketing was able to empower me with more freedom to express myself at a professional level. Having a very economic background I felt like I needed to also have a big creative skillset that could come from the marketing discipline. 

 How was your experience at TBS?

It was a very positive experience for me. I recognized the value of studying in a business school. My educational background was mainly theoretical before TBS. My studies were very theory-oriented. So, what I was looking for, once I obtained my bachelor’s degree, was a much more practical formation. I have made it possible through TBS where each class was including a very practical part (whether as a group work or a presentation) which to me was way more effective. 

I have always been fascinated by creativity and I felt like marketing was able to empower me with more freedom to express myself at a professional level.

 How was life in Barcelona as a TBS student?

Life in Barcelona was too good to be put into words. I really believe the city is a game-changer and had a huge impact for us as students to the point that 3 years later people who studied with me decided to go back to keep living in the city that they loved and I personally hope that one day I will be in the position to do the same. I believe the city offers so much and gives people the possibility to make unique and exceptional experiences. TBS also organized some social events in the city which at the beginning made it easier for us as students to become familiar with the city and be able to create our group of friends. 

How did the opportunity to work at Zoom come about?

 I was working for Oracle at that time, in Dublin. During the pandemic, I quarantined in Spain where I spent some months. While working remotely from there I got the chance, from a friend who recently had joined Zoom, to get a round of interviews with the company. Originally I interviewed for a different position (more a consultative role) and then I got redirected towards the one that I am currently covering which is a pure sales role. 

Christian Tavaglione experience in TBS Education

 With all this about the coronavirus, I suppose that companies like Zoom, which facilitate videoconferencing and online education have grown a lot. How do you think these tools favor learning?

Among zoom clients, education plays a major role. We have dedicated products to education and it is a constant goal of the company to become better to better serve a fundamental pillar in the society such as education. 

I believe that during this unique moment having the possibility of being backed-up by technology and having tools such as Zoom represents an important alternative. Especially for education, in this case, technology can recreate an experience that can support the continuity of this learning process.

I believe these tools can make education more accessible in general terms, and maybe this period will represent a good starting point to empower a broader spectrum of society who did not have access to education before.

 What is your role in the company now?

I am an account executive for the online segment. Meaning I deal with a big volume of inbound sales requests from all over the world. I address customers’ needs in many different ways. My focus is on upsetting, cross-selling, and account management of Zoom products. 

 How do you see yourself in the future? Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I definitely see myself in Zoom, and not because I just started. Nowadays it is common to see employees changing companies frequently. I truly believe Zoom will keep being one of the most successful and impactful companies of the decade. I see massive growth even when this pandemic will settle back, as the company is investing so much in product development and people. 

In the further future, I have the ambition to create something from scratch, for sure with a techy aspect as it is a big part of my reality. 

 What would you say to someone considering studying at TBS? What advice would you give them?

I would definitely encourage someone who is going to start the TBS journey to be curious and “think outside the box” even in the day-to-day even outside the education path. From meeting new people to joining new classes, ask tons of questions. To your teachers as well, squeezing out their knowledge and experience. 

I would definitely encourage someone who is going to start the TBS journey to be curious and “think outside the box”

The most important advice for me would be not to take yourselves too seriously and above all have some good fun. Keep in mind this is a unique moment in your life so enjoy the time being. Stay focus on your ambition. 

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