America representatives

  • When: October, 27th at 6 pm (Barcelona time).
  • How: Online training session.
  • Addressed to: America representatives.
  • Language: Spanish.

The arrival of the new campaign and the start of the academic year at TBS in Barcelona have landed with a series of changes in the day-to-day life on campus. To keep you informed and updated on everything related to admission to TBS in Barcelona, on October 27th at 6 pm (Barcelona time) we have scheduled an online training session in Spanish, given by our Admissions Department, which will detail:

  • Content and structure of TBS programs in Barcelona.
  • Admission requirements.
  • Admission process.
  • COVID19 measures

If you are a representative, collaborate or not with us, we invite you to register so that you can find out about all the news for this new academic year.

Webinar representatives - New Normal era (America)

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