In collaboration with Wine Celler Mas Rodo, TBS Education in Barcelona hosted a virtual wine tasting with its counselors, who over the years have been an essential part of the TBS Education community.

There is no better reason to toast for the good work of the counselors, who have worked hard to achieve satisfactory accomplishments for the TBS Education campus in Barcelona. Leaving aside for a moment the professional world and business meetings, it was a moment of celebration for the great projects accomplished and those yet to come.

For a more complete experience, each guest received a kit with bottles of Mas Rodo wine, which was delivered to their doorstep and they were able to personally experience the wine tasting, led by Oriol Sala, Commercial Director of Mas Rodo, and Serina Nassif, TBS Alumni and Export Manager of the winery.

There is not enough wine that can show the gratitude there is towards the counselors, who can make challenging times not so challenging because they know how to stay close and do their best.

Undoubtedly, it was an afternoon of celebration, where through the cameras guests could feel the recognition of hard work, as well as the great experience of tasting Mas Rodo wine and learning about its elaboration process.

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