For all international students, whether they are European, or from any other part of the world, studying abroad is an experience that helps to enhance and improve their academic and professional profile. While there are countless cities in the world in which to study, Barcelona is known for offering great student experiences abroad.

Taking into account a number of factors, such as affordability, convenience and the opinions of current students, the QS Best Student Cities, ranks Bracelona as the 34th best students city.

Here is a list of reasons why studying in Barcelona is worthwhile in order to solve all your possible doubts and help you make a decision that, for sure, will be the right one.

1.Study in English

One of the main advantages of Barcelona is that it is practically a trilingual city. Being the capital of Catalonia, its first language spoken is Catalan, however, being the second largest city in Spain, most of its inhabitants also speak Spanish. But it is also an international metropolis, which welcomes many foreigners, which makes English quite common in universities and even in some jobs.

2. Be part of an international community

Few European cities can compete with the cultural diversity of Barcelona. Undoubtedly, you will meet thousands of people, tourists or residents, of many different nationalities during your stay.

As a fact, Barcelona is consider as one of the most active cities in Meetup, with several meetings every day. It is almost impossible to feel lonely or isolated in a city full of friendly locals and foreigners.

3. Living budget

Barcelona is not only a great destination for its sights and history alone, but it is also a place that can accommodate those on a smaller budget. As a student in Barcelona, you have many advantages and discounts that you can exploit to save money and time, plus to go anywhere in the city you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the metro.

You’ll also find that basic commodities like food, transportation and party tickets, are cheaper than in the Western or Northern parts of Europe.

4. Frendly weather

Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate is one of its greatest attractions and plays an important role in the lifestyle of its residents. The pleasant temperatures during many months of the year that can be enjoyed by those living in the Catalan capital invite you to spend a lot of time outdoors.

5. Stay active

Many sport activities are supported by the city and you can see that all-around Barcelona. There are many indoor and outdoor places where you could exercise or practice any discipline you want. You can register membership with the gym, swimming pool, rock climbing or whatever sport center you wish to join. There are also many good spots for jogging. Recommended areas include beachs and beautiful parks such us Ciudadella Park or Park Guell.

6.Most active startup city in Spain

Not only is Barcelona the most active startup hub in Spain, but it’s also an emerging European center for entrepreneurship and innovation. Organizations like Barcelona Activa, which is an incubator that also provides funding, were created to help entrepreneurs of all kinds.

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