Barcelona is placed as one of the 115 most technological cities in the world, according to the Tech Cities: the global intersection of talent and real estate report, published by the consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield.

The city is appealing to investors and workers in the geographical area known as EMEA – involving Europe, Middle East and Africa. Consequently, this makes Barcelona a global hub in technology, since it offers very positive climatic, transportation, living and well-being conditions to work at. Moreover, living costs are below the European average expenses, which is definitely a benefit for both established adults and young people.

The mentioned report sums up the results based on different features such as technological talent, the quality of it, competitiveness, and corporate environment, among others. Growth and costs are also parameters taken into consideration. However, these criteria is referred to three geographical areas: APAC (Asia-Pacific), Americas (the entire American continent) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), including Barcelona as one of the top twelve European cities.

For instance, an area that gathers all these traits in our city is the 22@ district, where international companies and technological markets, such as Acciona Inmobiliaria, Idra, Amazon, Mediapro or IBM, are located. Therefore, TBS Education-Barcelona, ever since the inauguration of the new campus, ensures to provide an ideal environment to develop business and technological initiatives. Without further explanation, TBSeeds is an innovative and educational approach that works through future entrepreneurial projects developed by some students.

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