• Status: Student
  • Current country: Switzerland

Hi! My name is Michaela and I’m from Switzerland. I study at Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW).

Why did you choose the TBS Summer School?

I chose TBS Summer school because it is a partner university of my university in Zurich, and I wanted to combine this with a cool city like Barcelona.

What motivated you the most to come to Barcelona?

The city, the people, the whole experience, and the desire to expand my knowledge.

What activity did you like the most?

I loved the day trip to Sitges and the visit to the Freixenet Cavas.

What module have you studied during the program?

Spanish for Beginners, New venture financing

What did you like the most about the Summer School classes?

I enjoyed the activities, the teachers were super helpful. There were good exercises.

Why would you recommend other students to come to TBS Summer School?

Because it is a good experience with good people. The school is fun, the activities are super good, and Barcelona city is worth it.

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