• Status: Student
  • Current country: Colombia

Why did you choose the TBS Summer School?

I chose the TBS Summer School because two main reasons. The first one is that back in Colombia, I heard a lot of good experiences and funny stories from my friends during the TBS Summer School. I also chose it because TBS is very known as one of the best universities of Business, and its triple crown proves it.

What motivated you the most to come to Barcelona?

The city is just a magical place to spend the Summer. The sea, the mountains, the natural parks, and its beautiful streets are the perfect spaces to get lost and discover what this city offers. The Summer vibes here are just incredible.

What activity did you like the most?

I really liked going to Sitges. The City was very pretty, and the color of the sea reminded me of the sea in Colombia. Just chilling on the beach and listening to music is the best way to spend the day!

What Modules have you studied during the program?

I took Innovation Management and New Venture Financing.

What did you like the most about the Summer School classes?

I enjoyed working with other people around the world a lot. It gives you another perspective on the different ideas we discussed in the classrooms and nurtures your knowledge.

Why would you recommend other students to come to TBS Summer School?

I would recommend TBS Education because it is a very good university where you learn how to connect with people, and it encourages you to go further and push the limits of your knowledge and skills.

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