• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

I’m Léa Marty, I’m 24 years old, I’m from France and I’m studying the MSc International Business at TBS in Barcelona. I chose TBS because I did my Bachelor’s here and I liked the program a lot. During the Bachelor’s, I had many opportunities to go abroad. I spent a year in Casablanca, I did an internship in Canada, I spent a year in Seoul… Having this background, I thought it was a good idea to add an international dimension to my resume, that’s why I chose the MSc in International Business. I wanted to have the opportunity to have a career abroad.

I like TBS because it offers many opportunities to study abroad, in partnership with the school. I chose to do this last year in Barcelona because I wanted to get to know a new city with a cosmopolitan culture. Also because of the location of the campus, since it is right in the center. You can get to the beach in a few minutes or you can meet up with friends. I also like the teachers at TBS very much, they are very competent and you can share a lot of things with them.

What I like most about Barcelona is probably the food, I enjoy eating tapas with friends. I also like that people are open-minded because it is very easy to make friends. Also, there are a lot of international students.

I have done quite a few internships, five in total. I did my first internship in Casablanca, at B2B sales. Then I did two more internships in Paris, more focused on marketing. I also spent a gap year in Canada, there I was in a company that was internationalizing to the United States and I was able to help in the development of the company’s strategy. It was very interesting. This is partly why I am doing studying this program because I loved the experience. Now I have found my last internship in a French company, but with an international dimension. I will stay in France for a while because of the pandemic situation, but then I plan to pursue a career abroad.

Because of Covid-19, I may not have enjoyed Barcelona as much as I would have in other circumstances. Despite this, I think TBS handled the situation very well. We were able to attend classes in a hybrid format, doing some online and some face-to-face. The hybrid format is very flexible, it allows you to organize your own time, so you can visit more of the city perhaps. Barcelona was a new city for me and I was able to visit it thoroughly. It has been quite good overall.

To anyone interested in TBS I would say don’t hesitate to come because it’s great. It’s a great experience to discover new things and meet fantastic people.

Léa Marty

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