• Status: Student
  • Current country: Italy

My name is Kevin, I come from the wonderful city of Florence, Italy. This is my first year at TBS in Barcelona. I am very happy to have chosen this school, both for my personal development and for my studies and knowledge. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to choose, I had different ideas. Among the reasons why I chose TBS is the reputation of the school above all, also for Barcelona, for all the things you can visit in this city, besides having Barça, which is a reference in world soccer. Another reason was to learn Spanish since I had not studied it before, but for me, it is easy to understand because it is similar to Italian.

My goals when I came here were to find a job, meet new people, integrate into the city, find a team to play soccer. Then came Covid and everything became a bit more difficult. Anyway, I have been able to end up doing almost everything I wanted to do. My experience has been wonderful. These days I have been studying, but when I was not taking exams I did everything. I came in September and after a short time, they put a curfew and closed bars, etc. But since after Christmas, the situation has been improving little by little. I have been able to meet many people from all over the world, I have practiced French and Spanish with the friends I have made, as well as English since we speak it all day in class.

In the future, I don’t know how I see myself. I used to think a lot about the future, but now I try to look more in the short term. Now I challenge myself to improve day by day, I try to meet new people whenever I can and I am focused on improving my communication skills. I’m still in my first year, so I’ll see.

kevin de pascalis

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