• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

Hello, my name is Ines and I study the MSc International Business. I chose this particular program because I already did a semester in my first year of master in how to do business in LATAM, I wanted to expand my vision and knowledge on the international business landscape.

This MSc provides an overview on the different aspects of IB, international finance, global logistics, region spotlights (emphasis on Africa, Middle East and southEast Asia), HR & CSR in a global context, non-market strategies etc..) as well as soft skills classes (how to be a good leader, developing confidence and well-being at work, burnout and stress etc).

My experience at TBS has been very rewarding : I have made friends for life in both campuses TBS Toulouse and Barcelona, I have learned so much about myself and my future career and expectations. I feel ready to tackle new experiences and seize the right opportunities.

As for my experience in Barcelona, I fell in love with the city 2 years ago when I did my masters one. I decided to come back also to perfect my Spanish and I really felt close with the Spanish culture and way of living.

The quality of life is for me personally one of the bests: it’s an amazing multicultural sunny city, very young with welcoming people. There is always something to do even with the covid restrictions, we were quite lucky because most shops and restaurants are open and we can still manage to make the most of our student life. The two campuses are at the center of the city which is amazing.

As I personally aspire to work abroad this MSc provides practical and theoretical frameworks for future global business leaders, provides students with the necessary general management and multicultural skills and knowledge with the different classes and workshops.

In the future I would like to put these skills in practice and I aspire to work as a country manager or international sales director in the maritime transportation industry. 

What I would say to those interested in TBS and in this program, is that it allows you to think out of the box, discover new topics, some classes were completely new to me even if I had a strong background on IB, what is interesting is that most of the classes are up to date (covid situation of instance). I hope this MSc will broader your views and challenges your expectations as it did for me. 

My covid-19 experience has been quite good. Even though most of our classes were online because our teachers were in France or aborad, we managed to go to the campus and work from there. 

The situation in Barcelona and in Spain in general was quite good compared to Europe, we managed to enjoy our student life and the Spanish way of living. 

Ines Handaj - TBS Barcelona

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