• Status: Student
  • Current country: France

I chose TBS because I was an engineering student (at IMT Mines Albi), and wanted to improve my managerial skills, as I think it is needed for the kind of career I am looking for. TBS appeared as the best choice, for the MSc it proposes, the pedagogical team, and for its location.
I chose the Master in Management with a specialization in Big Data because I want to stay close to what I learned in Albi. I want to color my engineer skills with some business knowledge, to have a deep but global understanding of tomorrow’s issues.

My experience at TBS has been just as I expected. The courses mix theoretical and practical learnings and allow us to work on many various projects which make us discover a panel of useful tools and software. Also, I am grateful for the warmful welcome that students (love u Barcelona team) and the TBS staff gave me. It made my year!

Due to Covid-19, many of my lessons had to be given online. Nevertheless, the teaching team tried its best to make it as easy as possible for us to work. Besides this, the Barcelona campus is great and perfectly placed in the city (which is amazing, I think all Barcelona students will agree with me when I say that we had the time of our life).

I am not sure about how I see myself in the future. Depending on recruiters’ will, I hope to find 2 internships for this year, in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. After that, I want to take the BA and IA MSc in TBS. For my career, I would like to be a Data scientist but more importantly, to work in a field that matches my concerns. I think our generation must make things move now, that is why I hope to put my skills at use for the environmental cause.

TBS in Barcelona will stay as a fantastic memory, especially because of Covid-19 indeed. Having the chance to follow a hybrid system, with face-to-face and online courses, and very comprehensive teachers is a part of it. The group of students that I met here, the moments we shared, working, visiting, practicing, and partying, transformed it into one of the greatest moments of my student life. As we used to say: “We won’t have lived long, but we will have had a good laugh !”.

Hugo Allegre testimonial tbs

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