• Status: Student
  • Current country: Colombia

I was already in Barcelona when I decided to apply to the MSc. I am in love with this city and was looking for a good university but didn’t want to move. Some friends of mine had done their master studies in TBS back in Toulouse and told me there was a Campus here in the city and that they really liked their experience at TBS, so I started to look more into the programs and decided to apply.

I chose Tourism & Hospitality Management because even knowing there is a big crisis going on now, I have always been very passionate about traveling and the Travel industry. I thought this was a great opportunity to learn a lot about how it is adapting and how it is going to recover in the following years bringing back millions of jobs globally. 

My experience at TBS has been great, 2020 was very challenging so it has impacted a lot on the way we do everything, from socializing to learning and I think the master’s experience has been very different from a normal year. However, we have been able to adapt to the circumstances and be able to take the classes in a differently. Professors have been very good and I am very happy with the quality of the classes in the T&H MSc.

With the current situation, it is not simple to structure plans for the future but I am positive that the Travel Industry will recover soon. I know all of us are waiting to start making travel plans as soon as possible, so I would really like to be part of this recovery by working with Sustainable Tourism initiatives, either here in Europe or back in my home country Colombia.

I was lucky to experience the two faces of Barcelona, pre-Covid and the current one, I certainly enjoyed way more the pre-Covid situation but have been able to find the positive side in all of this by enjoying much more all the outdoor activities that the city has to offer like paddle surf in Barceloneta, going on a hike in Carretera de Les Aigües or going on a run in Diagonal and Ciutadella park. This current situation has also let us see a more authentic and less crowded city perfect for sightseeing, there is still so much to do here. I have also met really good friends during my masters and this is perhaps the thing I value the most about this experience.

Felipe Vélez

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