When considering a Master’s degree, one can feel overwhelmed by the large choice and types of masters. For those thinking about studying a master’s degree in the field of business, the choice might be among an MA, MSc or MBA. But what is what?

MA (Master of Arts)

A Master of Arts is a degree in the fields of humanities, social sciences or arts. Traditionally, this masters referred to disciplines such as history or philosophy, but this distinction is not upheld anymore and it is possible to find MAs in business or management.


MSc (Master of Science)

A Master of Science degree is based on scientific learning. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in a related field is a prerequisite. MSc are earned in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, etc. At TBS Barcelona, we’ve got two: an MSc Marketing Management and an MSc Finance. This is the type of program that the Financial Times Ranking for Masters in Management is about.


MBA (Master in Business Administration)

MBAs have a major difference with regard to MAs y MSc: their applicants need to have at least two to three years of professional experience – and even more for executive MBAs! According to MiM Compass, “the MBA is the traditional academic offer for management education and the universities answer to requests from business for a systematic and profound qualification for future and current managers based on a standardized title. The standardization, actually, is not provided by business schools or universities themselves but by internationally accepted accreditation agencies such as the AACSB, AMBA or EQUIS”.

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