How is the beginning of the course being? How are the students living this very different academic year? What better than one of our 3rd year Bachelor in Management students like Diana Montañez to get to know the experience first hand.

TBS Diana Montañez

Diana is Colombian, she is 20 years old and is already a regular face on the TBS campus in Barcelona. We have counted on her for presentations to future students or for interviews and it is evident that she is a true lover of the city. «Barcelona fascinated me from the 1st year, it is a very active city (even in these times), it has a lot of life, a lot of colors, the people, the food, all of this is a very enriching experience. Additionally, the study path I wanted to do (Entrepreneurship) was only in Barcelona, ​​so it was really perfect for me because I have my own startup for more than 1 year and I could align it with studies at TBS Education.

A new reality

The situation this year, however, is different. Hygiene standards, safety distance, or limited capacity are some of the premises that are continuously heard in the hallways of the campus. Diana has decided to stay in her third year in Barcelona and stresses that “I am aware that this year is going to be different for everyone, and I know that TBS in Barcelona is doing its best to offer us the best it can. Now it is a question of adapting with the resources we have and making the best use of them. In her case, she is clear about it and hopes to be able to attend campus as many times as possible.

TBS Diana Montañez

Communication has become especially important for this year and TBS Education has, at all times, tried to keep students up to date on how the situation was evolving and how we were preparing to receive them now in September. “Through our TBS email, we have constantly received all the necessary communications to guide us through these new changes”, the student adds. In the same way, he emphasizes that the information was clear and direct at all times, and if she had any questions she could easily ask.

Meanwhile, everything begins to settle down, Diana reminds us that “the city is still active“, you just have to adapt to the new restrictions, to the mask, and, of course, to shorter restaurant hours. “If you have the correct precautions you can live very normally,” she concludes with energy.

TBS Diana Montañez

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