Innovation and TBS Education always go hand in hand. Therefore, it is a cause for special celebration that two third-year students from the Bachelor in Management program were victorious in the Innovation Day of StartUB!

Students form TBS Education won the iday innovation

Jacob Rhodes and William Dosque, TBS Education students part of the B3 Digital & Social Entrepreneurship track won out of 256 registered participants all competing to develop innovative entrepreneurial ideas to tackle mental health issues.

They were joined by TBS Education-Barcelona teacher Joanna Pousset, who supported and helped them pitch the project. Pousset highlighted after the event: «Their innovative idea not only showcases their remarkable entrepreneurial spirit but also highlights the positive impact young people can make in the realm of mental health, bringing forth solutions that matter. May this success fuel their passion for creating meaningful change, and may their entrepreneurial journey continue to thrive with innovation, empathy, and positive transformation.»

Together with their prize money, the team will be representing Catalunya at the international finals, which this year will be held at TBS Education – Barcelona at the end of November.


iDay is an activity in which students from different academic fields work together to solve challenges facing society. It was held in 33 European centers between October and November 2023 and this year’s challenges revolved around sustainability and health.

innovation day post. This years 2 students from TBS Education won this prize

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and promote innovation among students. Students worked in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The I-Day also allows them:

  • Acquire new skills: lateral thinking, analytical skills, use of innovative tools, etc.
  • Broaden horizons: share experience with students from different areas.
  • Address real problems: offer solutions to challenges of inclusion and sustainability posed by industry.

It is important to emphasize the important presence of TBS E-Ship students within local innovation challenges, as this is the second year in a row that TBS students are part of the winning team at iDays.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in our programs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key elements in the educational philosophy of TBS Education, a business school known for its focus on developing future business leaders and entrepreneurs. By integrating these concepts into its curriculum, TBS Education aims to equip students with the skills and mindset needed to drive change and innovation in various business sectors.

TBS Education emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, encouraging students to engage in real-world projects, start-up incubation, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Moreover, TBS Education’s collaboration with industry partners and its diverse, international student body create a dynamic environment where innovative ideas can flourish.

student tbs education won the innovation day 2023

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