It’s been a year since we launched the new msc Digital Transformation and Buisness Innovation.

The metaverse, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain- all of them have the potential to reshape the way businesses operate. In the new Master of Science (MSc) Digital Transformation & Business Innovation that TBS Education will be launching in October 2022 on its new campus in Barcelona, students will learn how to assess this potential and how to translate it into real projects for companies.

About MSc in Digital Tranformation

Digital Transformation, according to Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei, program manager, is about leveraging digital technology to produce corporate and social benefit.
As Roxana has said, the digital transformation journey begins with the selection of a relevant technology from a wide range of evolving digital technologies, taking into account the company’s digital maturity, culture, procedures, and talents.

“In other words, digital transformation is not only about the implementation of digital technology as a simple “switch on” process. Intead, digital transformation requires a redesign of the business processes driven by data analytics and the use of digital technology.” – Roxana Ologeanu Taddei

Application of digital technologies:

Easy-to-use, low-cost, and no-code tolos are also important aspects of digital technologies. Students in this program will learn how to manage complicated digital transformation projects as well as specific technologies that can be integrated and customized as the digital transformation’s backbone.

Companies have evolved in recent years and their goals are no longer limited to business and financial value; they are increasingly concerned about their social influence and their Corporate Social Responsibility.
As a result, students in this program will learn not only how to leverage digital technology and data to create corporate value, but also how to create social value and consider sustainability and ethics as crucial goals for the projects they lead.

In nutshell, the MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation aims to transform students into pioneers guiding companies to achieve radical change. Through thinking and doing, they will create and apply knowledge, preparing for careers such as IT project manager, IT consultant, and chief digital officer, as well as new roles such as digital advisor.

This program is built on innovative academic classes, real business case studies and projects related to real world problems faced by companies along their digital transformation journeys.

MSC in digital Transformation

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