TBS Education decided to form a partnership to include in their MSc Sustainable Financial Management with Data Analytics a preparatory course for the new CFA certificate in ESG Investing. The course will be given by CFA certified professors that can contribute their knowledge and practical experience in the field of sustainability.

Students who obtained this certification will learn more about analyzing and incorporating material ESG ( Enviromental, Social & Governance ) factors into their daily work.

 CFA certificate in ESG Investing. TBS EDUCATION

This partnership entails the inclusion in their MSc of an online course in ESG Investing of 20 hours. In addition, the 6 best students will receive a scholarship to take the official CFA exam in ESG Investing.

Module plan:

The new module will be 20 hours long, including two-hour sessions. The course will be delivered online by CFA Society Spain-hired CFA certified lecturers. Besides the fact that sessions will be recorded and made available for 48 hours following their completion.

The ESG Investing course will be held in the second semester of 2022-23, and planning has already begun. As well as that, the majority of professors have confirmed their attendance, and course syllabi have been prepared.

sustainable finance masters at TBS Education

Diego Ravenda, MSc Program Manager, sees this new module as an important part of the MSc, with the goal of fostering the MSc’s sustainability content in accordance with TBS strategy and aligning the MSc with the United Nations General Assembly’s Sustainable Development Goals, which were established in 2015.

“This will be an opportunity to strengthen TBS faculty’s engagement in sustainability” –Diego Ravenda

new ESG Investing course I Msc Sustainable Financial Management

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