After a decade of successful projects at the Toulouse campus, TBSeeds has found its place at the new TBS Education – Barcelona campus.

The school’s project incubator landed yesterday in its brand new space in the building through a new partnership with Impactivs. This is a union of synergies designed to accompany students in launching their business projects through a process that aims to provide support from the startup idea to funding or marketing strategies, among other stages.

In the opening session of this new stage, the students were accompanied by Stephany Macedo from Impactivs and by the professor of the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Ph.D. Yancy Vaillant.

The students who are part of the first class of incubated projects are:

  • Mamet, Soumah
  • Maneiro, Erika
  • De Oliveira, Mayara
  • Venzal, Annah
  • Bonfanti, Nicolò
  • El Guennouni, Anass
  • Molina, Romina
  • Galindo, Juan Diego
  • Isabel, Davies


  • Young solutions for new problems: the contact of the new generations with issues that concern them more or touch them more closely, such as, for example, the environmental issue, allows this age group to design valuable solutions to this situation with more modern resources. This is especially relevant if we consider that the current climate worries 8 out of 10 young people, according to a study by the SM Foundation.
  • Source of talent: one of the particularities that distinguish this generation from the rest is their digital nativity and their talent for handling digital tools, whose infinite solutions and applications. This endows this generation with entrepreneurial potential and the creativity and ideas that characterize it.
  • New horizons in the world of work: the conception of work of the youngest and the search for flexibility and independence in the workplace motivate these young people to become entrepreneurs. The possibility of not being dependent on a superior is encouraging for the younger ones, who have a self-taught tendency, unlike other generations that have opted more for external training.

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