This 8th March, Women’s Day, we reaffirm TBS’s commitment to gender equality and we pledge to continue working in the same direction every day. We know that education plays a key role in the fight for equality and we need to remember this every day of the year, which is why today we bring you some facts about our school.

The academic performance of our students

A few days ago we celebrated Equal Pay Day and reminded that we are still far from equal pay. Women are over-represented in the lowest-paid sectors and occupy the lowest positions in companies. We might think that these differences are caused by the level of education or the results in the education of one or the other, but nothing could be more distant from the truth. As an educational institution, we can state that, on average, women perform better academically at TBS and attend more classes than men.

As we have already said, despite having better academic results, this does not translate into more representation in the world of work, but on the contrary, they also have on average lower salaries.

Equal ID

To reverse these differences, TBS offers a voluntary program to close the pay gap in the corporate world. In addition to training activities for all students, it also offers a mentoring program for female students. The Equal.ID mentoring program matches female TBS students in their final year of studies with a female manager, who guides them with her experience and helps them to deal with all kinds of discriminatory situations.

A staff populated by women

As for our staff, it should be noted that the TBS school in Barcelona is mainly made up of women. 69.77% of the staff are women, while 30.23% are men.

Our students

As for our students, at TBS Barcelona we are close to parity in terms of the number of female and male students. We have 45.83% female students and 54.17% male students. In terms of the different programs, our Masters and Masters of Science programs are mainly female.

If you are interested in joining TBS, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or one of our MSc programs.

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