Master 2 Tourism & Services Management students visited the port of Barcelona last November 18 to learn more about the cruise industry, accompanied by their teacher Deborah Carrer. The Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport, a European centre for training in logistics and intermodal transport, welcomed the students at its headquarters on the seafront.

The aim of the activity was to introduce students to an overview of the port of Barcelona and the cruises that dock there every day. “In 2018 alone, more than 3 million passengers transited the port of Barcelona”, explained Mar Pérez, Cruise Manager.

The Catalan pier is considered the first cruise port in Europe and the Mediterranean. Specifically, the cruise industry generates an economic impact of 3 million € per day in Catalonia, a figure that translates into more than 1 000 € million annually.

The students were also able to enjoy a guided maritime tour of the port of Barcelona, where they took a closer look at the different terminals and the real functioning of their infrastructures.

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