The students of the Discovery Semester in Digital Transformation have faced today the challenge proposed by SAP. SAP is a leading business software company and regular collaborator of TBS. The challenge consisted of solving a real business challenge through work teams, analyzing a company, and showing what its digital transformation would be like with SAP. In this way, the students were able to put their knowledge into practice, while offering creative solutions to the company’s challenges. The collaboration between TBS and SAP allows the students to get hands-on experience and learn what their day-to-day life in the company would be like, but also allows SAP to identify talent and take advantage of original ideas proposed by the students.

What is the day-to-day life of an intern like?

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The day began with an introduction to the SAP Digital Hub in Barcelona, given by Tina Alsted, Head of Network & Community at SAP. Afterward, the students were able to listen to the testimony of two interns who have been at SAP since October, Lara Macarez and Louise Claude.

The two explained their journey as students, how they arrived at SAP and what day-to-day life is like in the company. “No day is the same as the previous one, every day is a new day,” Lara remarked. She also stressed that they are fully integrated into the team. Louise explained that the first part of the internship is focused on learning how the company works, while the second part is dedicated to applying and putting into practice everything they have learned. “The more involved you are, the more responsibility you will have, and the more interesting your work will be,” Louise advised the students.

Being part of SAP

Following these testimonials, it was the turn of two Digital Demand Executives (DDE), Maurice Gurvan and Claire Antonin. They also explained their career paths and their daily lives as employees of the company. They all agreed that the SAP environment is very international, with more than 25 nationalities. Besides, they remarked that it is easy to climb the career ladder within the company. “When we say that everything is moving very fast, it is always within your possibilities, we want to help you succeed, but without putting you in positions you are not ready for,” Alsted remarked. Romain Cholet, Partner Digital Demand Executive, also explained his background and emphasized that being such a large company, SAP offers the possibility of working in many places, and described the environment as “that of a start-up but being on a very large ship.”

Tina Alsted presented the different activities organized by the company and the communities within the Barcelona Digital Hub. Such as the Business Women Network and the B-talent community. After allowing time for questions, the students were divided into groups, each with a member of SAP to finalize their presentations.

The challenge: digital transformation

Finally, the seven groups had eight minutes to present their Prospect Analysis to SAP. Each team was asked to introduce a company, its stakeholders, and its main challenges. Also, the digital transformation that SAP can carry out, as well as reasons to work with SAP. After each presentation, the teams received feedback on their performance from the company executives. In the end, they were encouraged to continue to improve and learn from this experience.

Sap digital transfromation

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