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If anything has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, it has undoubtedly been our mobility. Not only has our day-to-day mobility changed – the way and frequency in which we move around in our city- but also our mobility outside our borders. Promoting labor mobility and fighting against the shortage of specialized labor in Europe was already one of the main objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy before Covid-19.

Due to the mobility changes that we have had to assume this last year because of the pandemic, these objectives have presented new challenges. We must bear in mind that cross-border labor mobility benefits citizens, businesses, and the economy. Among other benefits, it promotes European integration as well.

To address and seek solutions to these problems, TBS Education is preparing to lead the second edition of the Global Mobility Forum, this time under the title “Managing a globally mobile workforce in difficult times of Covid-19: Challenges and Experiences”. This edition will take place on Friday 22th January 2021.

During the event, 3 of the 15 young GLOMO researchers will present their project. This edition also aims to bring together researchers and managers. Therefore, among the guests who will share their experiences, there will be human resources professionals, global mobility managers, people in leadership positions, and recruiters.

What is GLOMO?

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action “Global mobility of employees” (GLOMO) is an international research project that is part of the Horizon 2020 program, funded by the European Commission. Launched on 1 January 2018, it aims to research global labor mobility and find solutions to make it more efficient.

Leaving aside the pandemic, migration within Europe and to Europe is not reaching the expected levels. Migrants still face many obstacles that hinder this mobility. We must bear in mind that the employment prospects of migrants remain below those of natives, and over-qualification is widespread across Europe. One of the tasks of the project is to investigate all these patterns.

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GLOMO forum

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