TBS Education in Barcelona renews its image by updating its website, available in both English and Spanish, and adapting to the current, modern, and practical nature of the historic business school.

The new page, which stands out for its striking and user-friendly design, reinforces the importance of the social networks on the Barcelona campus, as well as the news that takes place every day in the center, thereby enhancing connectivity with the TBS community in Barcelona. Also, the events in the center, whether they are online information sessions such as conferences or open days, take on a special role in a page that underlines the importance of human contact between students, teachers, and staff.

The website is presented as the essential communication channel for TBS in Barcelona and is intuitive and easy to navigate. Future students of the school will find in the top menu direct access to each of the programs offered by the school, with all the information about admissions, fees, academic content, and career opportunities for each course.

From this renewed platform, users will, therefore, be able to start their enrollment more easily, while also consulting brochures, campus training offers, and the most common services offered by TBS.

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