Many professionals, most of them TBS Alumni, gathered at the Barcelona campus to discuss their career paths and professional experience

Marketing, finance, business development and other company roles are fields in which many TBS Education students find their niche after completing their studies. There are numerous professional positions within these areas that may sometimes seem confusing and create false expectations for students. To respond to any potential doubts that may arise, each year the department of Business Relations and Career Starter arrange Jobs Day, a seminar where a variety of professionals describe their daily duties at work and give advice on the skills that students need to progress in their professional careers.

Many professionals, the vast majority of them TBS Alumni, gathered at the TBS Trafalgar Campus in Barcelona. One of whom was Yarina Cherkashina, Brand Manager for Niche Brands at Antonio Puig: “It’s exciting to come back to TBS Education, even though it makes me feel old!” With a sense of nostalgia for her time at the university, Cherkashina explained the details of her work to the attendees, who showed a keen interest throughout. “When you love your job and what you do, it’s very easy to share it with others,” added the Brand Manager.


Also reminiscing about her days in the corridors of TBS in Barcelona was Claire Segalen, Key Account Manager at Desigual. This time, she traversed them to talk about her duties at the Barcelona clothing company. “Once the season begins, my job involves selling the brand’s collections to major clients, including El Corte Inglés and Galerías Lafayette,” explained Segalen. For her, it is not easy to outline the details of her work in ten minutes and with the appropriate vocabulary. “You have to use the right words so the students can understand what you’re explaining,” said the Key Account Manager.

Delphine Arnau, head of Business Relations and Career Starter, applauded the success of the event and the strong presence of the school’s alumni. “The fact that the vast majority of the speakers studied at TBS Education instils confidence in the students, who can identify with them perfectly,” stated Arnau. Her department works to attract new professionals with diverse experiences each year, particularly to talk about positions that the students are not very familiar with.

In this regard, the students appreciate having the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the speakers, a situation that seldom occurs at crowded business fairs. Kenza Balafrej, a third-year Bachelor in Management student, noted, “Sometimes we [the students] are too shy to go and talk to company representatives, but on Jobs Day they introduce themselves to us, you find out more about their work, and you can decide whether or not you’re interested in going to see them.”

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