As every year, TBS Education in Barcelona opens its doors to show the school to potential future students. On 14th December, the Open Day was held at the Trafalgar campus, where the centre’s staff welcomed young people accompanied by their families. Attendees had the opportunity to visit the center guided by some of our students, participate in a roundtable about the Bachelor in Management with those responsible for the program and attend a practical class, hand in hand with Marketing professor Lourdes Pérez.

From 10 a.m. onwards, students from our center were welcoming the attendees in a warm welcome at reception. This was the beginning of the tour through the campus facilities, which ended in Amphitheater 2. It was then that the institutional presentation and the round table about the Bachelor in Management program took place. Gabriel Zúñiga, Director of Studies, started the talk, accompanied by Delphine Arnau, Head of Business Relations and Career Starter Coordinator, and Margarita Servera, Head of Marketing and Development.

Also participating in the presentation was Diana Montañez, a student in the second year of the Bachelor in Management and winner of the excellence scholarship at the beginning of this academic year, awarded to the students with the best academic record. Diana shared her experience as a student at TBS Education in Barcelona, explaining why she chose the school and her relationship with classmates from other countries. In addition, Diana also told how EagleCheck came into being, a startup of which she is COO and which seeks to end the falsification of educational diplomas and CV fraud.

Lourdes Pérez, Marketing teacher at TBS Education, was responsible for ending the Open Day with the presentation of a practical case. In this way, attendees were able to see firsthand how the classes are developed in the school and what exercises are taught to our students.

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