The new facilities will adhere to sustainable architectural standards and occupy a total area of 8,000 m2

The campus will feature a neighbouring halls of residence and a space for project and business incubation

In late 2021, the 22@ technology district in Poblenou will be welcoming a new resident. TBS Education is beginning construction on a new Barcelona campus that will replace the existing one in the city centre.

While adhering to the standards for ecological, responsible and sustainable architecture, the space will cover 8,000 m2 and host 1,100 students from around the world.

This forthcoming 22@ campus will feature modern classrooms with two multi-space and immersive rooms, spaces dedicated to student life and associations, a cafeteria, and a neighbouring halls of residence with 700 beds. It should be noted that the existing facilities on Carrer de Trafalgar have already reached maximum capacity; due to the growing demand for places at the school, expansion has become a necessity.

With this enlargement, and with the clear aim of providing continuity between the studies and potential projects of the students, the new TBS facilities in Barcelona will offer physical spaces where students can incubate and develop business projects that stem from their entrepreneurial spirit and are always directly supported by the school.

The plan for the new TBS Education campus in Barcelona was inspired by a clear vision of the future and the educational needs of the coming generations. Constructing the new campus in 22@ places the business school in the epicentre of the startup ecosystem and knowledge economy, making this location an obvious choice.

The 18 lecturers and researchers who will conduct their activities in the new TBS spaces in Barcelona will focus their efforts on two objectives: strengthening the development of programmes linked to the Barcelona region’s major strategic activities and contributing to the generation of research related to the territory’s biggest challenges.

With these new facilities, TBS Education in Barcelona reinforces its presence within the select group of highly prestigious schools that operate in the Catalan capital.

TBS Education opened its current facilities in 2008 in a 3,300 m² building on Carrer de Trafalgar. Since then, up to 600 students have passed through its corridors each year, making it one of the most dynamic educational establishments in the city centre. When the doors open on the 22@ campus, TBS Education’s capacity to accommodate new students in Barcelona will be nearly doubled.

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