Launching a new program is always a reason for happiness, pride and a job well done. Last Tuesday at the TBS Education – Barcelona campus, we attended an exciting conference given by Sylvia Rausch, Director of Digital Marketing at Saba, to celebrate the start of classes of the new MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation.

In front of the group of students that will learn about this rising field, Sylvia shared her invaluable experience in leading digital marketing projects, designing customer mobile apps in the company, and sustainable urban mobility. The interesting journey of the well-known company was detailed by Sylvia, who began the masterclass defining Saba as “a traditional company in a traditional industry in transformation.”

An unstoppable process

During her speech, Rausch detailed the four pillars of a successful digital transformation process:

  1. IT Uplift
  2. Digitalizing operations
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. New Ventures

Professor Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei as Program Manager, also attended the conference and offered a warm thank you to assistants and Sylvia Rausch.

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