Historically, Paris has always been a major reference for luxury & fashion, from Haute Couture to luxury brand management and fashion sustainability. In fact, all the major international brands have their flagship store in Paris.

Paris will always be a good idea!

This (region) city is known for being home to the most exclusive Luxury Houses and iconic concept stores (several leaders in fashion education, attracting students from all countries). On this occasion, the students of TBS Education in Barcelona, from the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program, went on a study tour to Paris, where they were able to experience the splendor of fashion from its origins, getting to know the most recognized luxury designers and concept stores around the world. 

Once in a lifetime opportunity

During the three-day tour, students were introduced to the world of Haute Couture, discovering Christian Dior and Thierry Mugler‘s iconic pieces as well as a selection of fine jewelry brands, like Chaumet, Baümer, among others.


This study tour was definitely a unique opportunity for all fashion lovers, who never imagined visiting places such as the:

  • Galerie Dior Couture
  • Thierry Mugler Exhibition
  • Moynat
  • The Burberry flagship store indoors
  • The Baumer’s Place Vendôme jewelry store

Student experience:

Jomar Duchain is a 22-year-old student of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program at TBS Education in Barcelona, who now shares his travel experience in Paris and defines it as “unique “.

How would you describe your travel experience?

Overall, the trip was very well taken care of. The flight and stay were completely provided by TBS Education in Barcelona. For the dates, we were in charge of what would fit best so that everybody could join. Besides that, the location of the hotel was great and very central.

When it comes to the guidance and program, Valerie Lamy did a great job. It was very nice to have such an interesting schedule. We had very unique visits and learned a lot.

What was the best part of the tour?

For me, the best part of the tour was our visit to the newly opened Burberry flagship store. Burberry has become one of my favorite luxury brands and being able to learn about the brand from one of the managers is a great experience. By chance the VP Retail Manager of Northern Europe, Alexandra Jeanneau, was present. She explained to us everything about the process of opening this flagship store in Paris and some general knowledge about having flagship stores as a luxury brand.

Besides that, we visited Lorenz Bäumer, also known as “The Jewellery Prince of the Place Vendôme”. This visit was extra special because we were able to meet Mr. Bäumer in person at the store. A very special encounter!

What did you learn during those 3 days? 

Since we could experience various luxury brands and a diversity of segments like; fashion, jewelry, and leather we got a great overview of the luxury segment in the luxury capital itself. By seeing all those brands, we can now clearly compare their style, heritage, and expertise. For me, I can now appreciate all those luxury products even more and am able to establish an even clearer preference.

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