Global warming is is an issue that affects everyone and requires immediate action. Taking advantage of the fact that April is known as the Earth Month, we have prepared a list of actions you can take to be a more sustainable person and help take care of the planet.

1. Reduce plastic as much as you can

Single-use products, particularly plastic ones, tend to end up in landfill and the ocean, causing harm to wildlife and the environment. Prevent this by choosing to use reusable and eco-friendly alternatives instead. For example, you can use reusable bags when you shop, ditch single-use water bottles, bags, and straws and avoid products made from or packaged in plastic whenever possible.

“Most major supermarkets provide plastic recycling collection points in store for stretchy plastic (such as frozen food bags, carrier bags and bread bags) which normally can’t be recycled from home,” says Helen Bird, plastics expert at government waste advisory body Wrap.

2. Follow the protocols of proper recycling

A good rule of thumb is the following recycling guide:

  • Plastic can usually be recycled in the mixed recyclables section if they are numbered 1 through 7 on the packaging.
  • Cardboard and white paper can be recycled in the paper section
  • Caps, paper with wax, plastic bags, plastic film, and Styrofoam should not be placed in recycling bins.
  • Food must be washed off items before being recycled.

Most cities will also have the details of how to recycle within their area. In the case of Barcelona, the city has his own standards of waste collection systems.

3. Drive green

Changing your driving habits can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Try to walk, bike, carpool or use public transportation whenever possible.  These transportation alternatives are better for the environment and your health, while you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Save energy

Did you know using a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than hand-washing dishes, according to a recent study from the University of Michigan. Studies indicate machine dishwashers use less energy and water than manual dishwashing.

As well as that, you should know that drying clothes on a clothesline is energy efficient, and helps items last longer because it is gentler on fabrics than a clothes dryer.

5.Plant native plants

Supporting local wildlife is the key to regenerating our ecosystems. Look into the native wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and vines suitable to your environment, to create habitat in your own home or office. 

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