The Sportsfluent project will represent TBS in the semi-finals of the Babson Collaborative Global Student Challenge.

Today was the presentation of the five projects of the B3 Entrepreneurship (Digital & Social) Track that competed to represent TBS. In this final presentation, the students had the opportunity to introduce their projects professionally in front of the invited jury and their teachers, coaches, and mentors who have helped them along the way. In the end, the chosen initiative was Sportsfluent.


The Sportsfluent team started their presentation by telling the story of Lionel Messi, a very talented boy with a growth hormone deficiency. Luckily, a club believed in him and he was able to undergo expensive treatment. Eventually, he became the best player in the world. With this story, Anita and Rakel wanted to explain that many athletes like him need support.

Sportsfluent is a digital platform to connect athletes with sponsors. Athletes can register on the website and create their profiles. During the presentation, the team showed how the app works and how profiles are created. Besides, anyone can become a sponsor and contribute, even with amounts as small as €5.

The other projects

  • Arily: Arily is a project that aims to become a non-profit organization to support local culture. They want to create an online platform to give visibility and create a community of artisans in France.
  • Novus: Under the motto “Designed by players, made for gamers”, Novus wants to become a business offering reliable online technology components. Aiming to fight the black market, its target will be North Africa, where more and more young people are interested in the sector and where the competition does not offer enough transparency.
  • Unhonored: Only 10% of design students manage to launch their brand. For this reason, Unhonored aims to create an online shop to help talented designers sell their products.
  • Kitchen Assist: This project aims to minimize food waste and help people who want to eat a balanced diet but have no knowledge of cooking or nutrition. Kitchen Assist provides meal planning, recipe ideas, food shopping, and home delivery.

The prize: startup pack

Normally, the winning team gets a certificate of participation and receives help to incubate their business at TBSeeds. This year, the winner is already part of TBSeeds, so they received an alternative prize in addition to the recognition. The prize is a startup pack that includes five hours of support in branding and communication strategy, as well as the creation of a logo or a visual campaign with up to 4 images.

If you also have ideas that you want to turn into projects, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or our MSc programs.


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