Now at days, the crisis in Ukraine currently dominates the news. But Albert Mayordomo from Open Arms, reminded the fact, that there are other people, in other parts of the world, who desperately need help too.

Albert Mayordomo, a human rights activist with 6 years of experience as Head of Mission/Emergency Coordinator on the Eastern and Central Mediterranean routes, gave a very interesting presentation on the work of Open Arms, which goes beyond what can be seen in the news.

As head of mission for the non-governmental organization: Open Arms, Albert Mayordomo visited TBS Education in Barcelona to teach about the hard work being done to rescue refugees on the high seas. He explained that their main goal is to protect those who try to reach Europe by sea, running away from armed conflict, persecution or poverty in their country.

This organization rescues ships carrying people desperately fleeing across the Mediterranean channel, who in the attempt are injured or drown at sea. However, many of these situations are not seen in the news, since people do not give them the importance they deserve, including some governments that, when authorizing the disembarkation of refugees, refuse to allow the ships to set foot on their lands.

During the presentation, Alberto shared with the audience some videos of how the rescues at sea are carried out, recorded by the same Open Arms team and in turn, explained the experiences of those intense moments.

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